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Our designer developed a “Supply Cycle” marketing strategy for Raybestos Powertrain that increased brand trust by focusing on the needs of both the end user and warehouse distributors. The user friendly responsive website design and automotive aftermarket eCatalog design tripled traffic in less than a year through an improved organic SEO strategy.
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Crawfordsville, IN eCatalog Product Search Web Design by Media Wrench

Learning the Business

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Since 1902 Raybestos Powertrain has been a premium quality automotive parts and automatic transmission parts manufacturer and is currently located in Crawfordsville, IN and Sullivan, IN.

  • Offers over 6,000 parts and components to it’s automotive aftermarket customers.
  • Parts cover over 570 different transmission units across 30 unique product lines.
  • Nearly 60% of Raybestos Powertrain website traffic was coming from transmission repair shops on smartphones and tablet devices.
  • 40% of traffic was from supply chain transmission parts distributors on desktops.
  • Users had to open the Raybestos Powertrain PDF catalog on their smartphones and then attempt to find parts.
  • Averaged 4,000 monthly website users.
Crawfordsville, IN Automotive Aftermarket eCatalog Product Page by Media Wrench

Web Design & branding Challenges

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Raybestos Powertrain was in need of a new website and eCatalog design with improved SEO strategies to increase traffic and an easy and fast responsive user interface for transmission rebuilders to find parts across multiple product lines from their mobile devices out on the repair bench and for warehouse distributors to quickly search through thousands of parts to purchase in a desktop office setting. The design and branding also had to reflect the company’s rich one hundred plus year tradition while maintaining a fresh technologically advanced brand image.

Crawfordsville, IN eCatalog Traditional Supply Chain Illustration Info Graphic Design by Media Wrench

Supply Chain Marketing Challenges

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Raybestos Powertrain does not sell directly to the end user. Raybestos Powertrain is positioned as a manufacturer within the automatic transmission aftermarket and must utilize many national and international transmission parts warehouse distributors and automotive retail Ecommerce outlets to be able to sell products to the end user transmission rebuilders and repair service centers. This presented a challenge in that Raybestos Powertrain wanted to use the new website and eCatalog design to sell products but did not want to have users complete purchase transactions directly on the website in order to avoid competing with its distributor customers.

Crawfordsville, IN eCatalog Supply Cycle Illustration Info Graphic Design by Media Wrench

The "Supply Cycle" Strategy

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The strategy our designer developed was to change the Raybestos Powertrain “supply chain” into a “supply cycle”. Traditionally, in a supply chain manufacturers will provide products and products information to their parts distributor. The manufacturer then expects their distributor or “link in the chain” to pass on their products and product information to the end user. We carried out our new supply cycle strategy by helping Raybestos Powertrain increase brand trust through leveraging the new website and catalog design as way to communicate with the end user transmission rebuilder and parts distributor. We sought website feedback directly from many well-respected transmission rebuilders. We then proceeded to come up with an “e-commerce-style” design that catered to the needs of the end user but still relied solely on the important manufacturer-distributor partnership to sell the product. The supply cycle strategy allows us to use the website design and eCatalog design to reach the end user with detailed product information and then refers the end user to a distributor where they can purchase the product. The end users are excited because the manufacturer listened to their voice and built a website for their needs. The distributors are excited because the Raybestos Powertrain website is now referring sales to them.

Raybestos Powertrain - Crawfordsville, IN Website Design by Media Wrench

SEO & Web Design Execution

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  • Feedback was leveraged from the top transmission repair industry professionals to create a web design and user-friendly eCatalog design that meets their needs.
  • Drastically improved organic search engine rankings through extensive keyword research to determine that the end user is much more frequently searching for the specific transmission parts that fit the vehicle that is currently in their shop instead of broad product categories.
  • Our designer reorganized and rewrote the Raybestos Powertrain catalog database and product listings and implemented new keyword strategies that were learned through research.
  • Created an improved mobile friendly design that helps transmission rebuilders easily search through 6,000 parts from their shop bench and eliminates the need for them to use a PDF catalog on their mobile devices.
  • Built brand trust through using our e-commerce-style product pages to link and refer to both local and online product distributors.

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