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Video / Photo

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At Media Wrench LLC we we believe that your business photography and video should be original to your brand. We avoid using stock photography and video at all costs and help your brand by creating original pieces. If you need local photography or video services in Crawfordsville, IN; we can shoot the photos and footage for you. If you are a little further away then you can send us what you have and we can creatively edit and splice it together.

Product Launch Videos

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Product launch videos are a great way to generate excitement for your brand's upcoming releases or brand new products. We combine motion graphic design, real life footage, and animation to create hype for your product debuts. Product launch videos can take the form of trailers, teasers, explainer videos, and how-to videos. Work with us to create a truly unique product launch video that fits your business.

Motion Graphics

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We use Motion Graphics to bring video, branding, and animation together to present your target audience with a uniquely educational and entertaining brand touch point. Motion Graphics work great as animated informative videos to help your end users learn about your products and services. Motion Graphics can also be used to create short clips that can stand out on social media platforms as users scroll through their news feeds.

Business Overview

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These days end users are looking for transparency from the businesses they frequent and from the manufacturers of the products that they use. Video is the best way to give your customers an inside look at how are business functions and what sets your business apart from competitors. Video is the easiest medium for an end user to consume and is proven to gain more exposure for brands on social media platforms than images.

Technical Videos

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Technical videos are a great way to present your brand as an industry authority. We work hard to bring the end user an advanced understanding of your technical skill set and abilities. At Media Wrench we use technical videos to showcase your business’s knowledge and expertise to help build brand trust while explaining how to use your products and how they provide solutions in your field.

Crawfordsville, IN Product Photography by Media Wrench

Product Photography

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We create beautiful product photography that provides visual truth and clarity to your products’ most important features. We look for dynamic shooting angles to create interest around your products. We don’t settle for the “way it’s been done before.” When it comes to product photography we use out of the box thinking to create images that separate your products and brand from the competition.

Crawfordsville, IN Brand Photography by Media Wrench

Brand Photography

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We create brand photography that showcases your products, services, and people in the real world. We aim to use brand photography as a method in building a lifestyle around your brand. Our goal is for users to envision themselves using your company’s goods and services whenever they see photography that represents your brand.

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Let's BuildTogether.

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At Media Wrench LLC our goal is to help you achieve your goals. Our first step in any design or marketing project is to build a partnership with you and your business to effectively create a customized marketing plan that fits your needs.

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We are extremely grateful for the local Crawfordsville, IN and national companies our designers have worked with.

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