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We design visually stimulating eCatalog and eCommerce pages that are search engine optimized to reach the top of the rankings on Google and other web browsers for any industry business including retail, manufacturing, and auto parts. Our product pages can easily be updated and managed by you, whether you have 10 products or 10,000. We can mass upload product data and image links from Excel spreadsheets directly into our eCatalog product page designs for thousands of products at once.

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Data Driven

We work with your existing product data to build an online experience that fits your brand.

User Friendly eCatalog Design

User Friendly

Our ecatalog and ecommerce pages are easy to use on desktops and mobile devices.

Easy eCatalog Updates

Easy Updates

After the initial upload you can easily edit your product data and even upload new items to your catalog.

SEO optimized ecatalogs


We strategically develop keywords from your data and optimize them to rank high on search engines.


Crawfordsville, IN automotive website and ecatalog data upload by Media Wrench

Upload Data.

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No one knows your company better than you. We start with your existing catalog database file and enhance it to help your products perform well in an online ecatalog setting and rank high on search engines like Google. Once the data is ready we upload it into the website content management system (CMS) so that it is ready to be integrated into our product page designs and site search functions.

Crawfordsville, IN automotive website and ecatalog design by Media Wrench

Design Pages.

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We design our ecatalog pages to be extremely user friendly on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Whether you want to build an ecommerce site or want to provide your buyers and end users with an enhanced product listing; Media Wrench will make sure your ecatalog content is easy to navigate. We then use your enhanced catalog data to populate the newly designed pages.

Crawfordsville, IN automotive website and ecatalog design by Media Wrench

Drive Results.

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At Media Wrench we strive to build ecatalogs and product pages that are more than just something pretty to look at. We drive results by strategically optimizing and placing your catalog data within our designs to outrank the competition in internet search. This allows your brand to take control of the supply chain and direct users where they need to go to make purchase decisions. Media Wrench drives results whether your conversion goals are for users to click "add to cart" or if you are a manufacturer and need to direct users to a distributor to buy your products.

Crawfordsville, IN automotive website and ecatalog design by Media Wrench

Build More Results.

Media Wrench BoltMedia Wrench increases website traffic by 200%

Learn how this SEO performance driven new website and ecatalog design from our designer's portfolio increased traffic by over 200% for a local automotive Crawfordsville, IN company.

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Let's BuildTogether.

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At Media Wrench LLC our goal is to help you achieve your goals. Our first step in any design or marketing project is to build a partnership with you and your business to effectively create a customized marketing plan that fits your needs.

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Build MoreSuccess.

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We are extremely grateful for the local Crawfordsville, IN and national companies our designers have worked with.

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